About us


French installed since 2003 in Madagascar after a few years in France and England, the founders of @tic Group are two freelance consultants passionate about new technologies. Experienced users of GNU / Linux for over 15 years, it is clear to them that knowledge must be shared, and that behind the Open Source philosophy lies a great community whose purpose is simply to develop free tools for humans even more free.


Even more in Madagascar with the drawbacks inherent to piracy, proprietary solutions are increasingly closed, locked, made opaque by their publishers, to such an extent that IT is often associated with a real nightmare. From this observation was born @tic Group, in order to reconcile the user with what, after all, should only be a tool.


@tic Group is now composed of consultants, auditors, developers and technicians who share the same passion: understand your business and bring you the best of the Open Source world. So that the enterprise computing finally delivers its effectiveness with continuous cost monitoring and total independance. You are finally in control of your information system.