Based on our experience and the best working models, we have developed various standard services, still with the objective of simplifying the work of our customers. It is of course obvious that IT requires sometimes services initially unclear.

We treat most of the time these situations according to the time and material needed for the project, by the unique and permanent provision for a fixed term of a number of collaborators. They work in this case only for the relevant customer, whether or not on location with him.

As standard, we offer different solutions of permanent consulting, maintenance, support, training, troubleshooting and training. These services are offered as a lump sum.

We are also able, even with the very bad internet connections in Madagascar, to provide 92% of our maintenance operations remotely.

Another specificity of @tic Group lies in the maintenance 24h/24 and 365 days per year. This unique type of service in Madagascar allows some professionals such as hoteliers to count day and night on their information system (billing, check in, check out, reservations ...) and security (access control, CCTV ...).